eWAM - Lower Tisza District Water Directorate
Environmentally friendly water management in plain areas

Ref. br. HUSRB/1203/121/237

Lower Tisza District Water Directorate

ATI VIZIG was created in 1953 as one of the 12 waterpower engineering  directorates, which provide coverage for the whole of Hungary. ATI VIZIG is the regional administrative authority under the Ministry of Interior Works, an independent legal entity, independent central budge, independent economic body that manages the regional authority of Water Management Directorate. ATI VIZIG's central office is located in Szeged.

It occupies the premises of 8,400 km2 in the Southern Great Plain region and it is a functional area that is bordered by four districts.

The functional zone ATI VIZIG includes both sides of the lower part of the Tisza and Maros Hungarian side of the river.

Boundaries: to the west between the Danube and Tisza a watershed is found in northern Kecskemét, administrative boundaries Alpár, the left bank of the river Hármas-Körös and eastern boundaries of self-Öcsöd. Besides a self-governing redistricting Csongrád to Gádoros, in south-eastern direction line Pusztaottlaka-Kevermesi. In southern borders of Hungary-Romania and Hungary-Serbia borders.


Main activities:

- flood protection

- the protection of inland water

- waterpower engineering  

- to prevent damage caused by water

- water supply in agriculture

- maintenance, operation, reconstruction and development of water facilities,   which are owned by the state

- performance of tasks, obtained by taking advantage of EU funds